We offer premium design, production and installation solutions for both businesses and private clients.


We use high-tech machinery, equipment and tools to deliver superior installation and maintenance services.


We manufacture and install quality metal and glass fabrications in an eco-friendly, healthy and safe manner.

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We, Golden Castle Aluminium and Glass LLC, are a first-class Aluminium and glass contracting company offering installation and maintenance services for all requirements within industrial markets. In using machinery, equipment and tools as well as advanced technology and a dedicated team of highly-skilled professionals, we are focused on meeting the requirements and needs of modern developments in the MENA region. Golden Castle Aluminium and Glass LLC (GCAG), established in 2007, has built a solid reputation for supply and installations of High and Low definitions glass finishing products and is an independent Solution Provider Company for Interior Decorators, Architects, Construction Companies, Hospitality Industry such as Hotels and Restaurants, Residential projects (Residential units and Villas) and façade companies in the UAE.
GCAG believes in ENDORSING CREATIVITY, CHANGING WITH TECHNOLOGY, BROADENING VISION, PERSPECTIVE and SHARING our experience with our customers and adding value to their projects. Led by a multi-disciplined team comprising of strategic experts with creative and innovative ideas. GCAG now collaborates and coordinates with over fifty manufacturers and processors to deliver your desired project on time and on budget.
“You Dream, We Create” just what our motto implies, Golden Castle Aluminium & Glass LLC is, complete all in one company. We have converted spaces into Dream Houses, Villas, Hotels and Exquisite Offices. Our exquisite identity and luxurious touch is distinctively communicated in the work that we accomplish, assuring you that the interior designer’s vision will be carried out by giving a finished product, minimizing costs and in a timely manner to meet “The Golden Castle standards”. “Our Services are built around three core principles”
  1. We source products only from reputable suppliers and manufacturers
  2. We use high-end machinery, equipment and tools along with advanced technology
  3. We have an outstanding service record, and meet every need in terms of quality and delivery
  4. We sustain relationships even after project completion and can assist with future requirements

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We do All kinds of Glass Work

We do Aluminium Work

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We do all kind of Carpentry Work

We do all kinds of Flooring

We do Tiling, Marble and Modular Flooring

We do all kinds of GRC work

We do all kinds of False Ceiling

We are best Electricians

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You Dream and We Create